the great opt out

... I just added my name to the obama care opt out list

... I just can't see paying for a health care system that
I would never use

... I'm the type of guy that will just lay dazed, or in pain, until
it goes away or I die, even if it's in a lowly pup tent

... being a spiritualist, and an alternative food and medecine advocate
for years, I now realize that my body heals itself better,
and with more enlightenment as to the cause of the original
unbalanced condition, than anything modern medecine will do for you

... I wouldn't want to take their medecines, or radiations,
or stay in one of those hospitals

... If my body can go no further, and I sit old, by myself, in
a daze, waiting to die, that is my right. Look for me sitting by a tree. :-)

... it is my right to meet the Angel of Death in the way I feel
is natural and best, not in the flourescently lit dungeons of
some modern hospital

... so why should I pay for a system of medecine which I would
never willingly use?

... I would go to a clinic, to possibly ask for help with some stitches,
setting a broken bone, etc. And if need be, like in the old days, I would
be willing to sign a waiver so the clinician would not be held liable
in case something went wrong ... like it was back in the 1950's

... at my end of life, if I am in excruciating pain, I might ask
for pain killers... but what does a bottle of pain killers really cost?

... so what does setting a bone, stitching a gash, amputating a mangled
limb, a bottle of pain killers, etc.... what does that really cost?

... not much, it is low enough that I can pay cash to a cash-only-clinic
for the service... I really liked the idea of a mini-healthcare clinic
at Walmarts... pay with cash...prices posted on the wall

... then, the benevolent amoung you, can donate cash to the clinics,
to do things for people who are too poor to pay

... the only glitch in my plan, is accounting for things like
car crashes. What if I, am innocently slammed by a car, while
riding my bicycle? Shouldn't the vehicle insurance cover that?

... or could there be a very minimal policy which solely covers
you in case of accidents... you pay a just few bucks a year
for accident coverage where you are not at fault

... oooh, there is one other glitch in my plan:
the medical establishment won't get rich my way,
that is the real crux of the issue isn't it?

... people need to learn to be careful with their lives
... quit taking so many risks, slow down


2012 by zentara