thus spake zentara

... yesterday, friday the 13th, just after I belittled the
the phobia of the day, I nearly took a spill possibly dumping
hot oil fried rice onto myself
... whew, it was close, tripping on a carpet edge

... but as they say, a miss is as good as a mile
... meaning whether you were missed by an inch, or
missed by a mile, you survived; survived what ever
was sent your way

... I heard a critique on NPR radio of Thus Spake Zarathustra,
where Zarathustra searches for enlightenment, then finds it

... well I, your humble author, pename zentara, also take
the same path of Zarathustra, and would like to report what
I see at my point on the path toward enlightenment

... the world is alive, with a conciousness behind it
... humans are the epitome of conciousness's attempt
to manifest itself in atomic reality on a world of
liquid water

... if you really watch how all the event sequences come
together, to form what we call the present moment, it
all appears to be a magical world, where what we think,
becomes reality at some point in the future

... it's the time lapse that gets us, a powerful magician can
change reality instantly

... but for most of us, we might have to wait many years
for our request to be delivered, and then we may no longer even want it
when the time comes

... the time lapse is builtin for our protection

... imagine a young boy thinking how cool tornadoes are, and
as an 8 year old boy wishes to see a big tornado up close
... but it hits home, 40 years later, when he has kids
sleeping upstairs

... the Tao genie says "Big requests take big time to deliver"

... so do be careful what you think about, think about good things

... if you are insane enough to track every thought thru your
mind, and watch for the creation of the event at some point in
the future, you will see the magic, or else the incredible coincidence

... there is an old saying:
Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it

... thus spake zentara, at an uncharted point on the path to Krishnaloka,
my distance to final destination, unknown


2012 by zentara