the lucky 13

... it's a coincidence again, another Friday the 13th

... I really don't think anyone really knows how the
whole Friday the 13th phobia got started

... from my limited diggings into the subject, 13 was
seen as a sum of 7, being great success, and 6, being destruction

... so 13 came to mean anything where both success and destruction
are both possible outcomes of the next event sequence, the
next roll of the cosmic dice

... which way do you go, as you come upon an infinite number of branches in Time?
... did you step under that ladder, or go around it?
... left, right?, or have you decided to just stop and Wait for Godot?

... that thought of yours, on which way to go at each of the
branches in Time, left, right, or straight ahead, is the source
of free will and the source of luck

... luck, where the forces of the flow of the Great Tao conspire
not against you, but for you

... so fear not, all 13 means is great change

... and change is good, it means you are still alive


2012 by zentara