the eye on the sky

... the news today reported the near completion
of a big new telescope on the top of Hawaii's
dormant volcano, Mauna Kea

... a beautiful jewel, worn by the goddess,
created by mankind, for the sole purpose of
peering far off from this planet into the
far depths of space-time


... I can't get over, how closely it resembles a
real animal eye ... but it's our planet's eye,
gazing upon the vast cosmic sea which lay before us

... I do sometimes bemoan the usefulness of using things seen
extremely far away in space-time, to somehow define our position now

... but it's the best we have now, until the multidimensional
theorists figure out a way to extend cartesian coordinates truly
out to infinity, and see how things behave, how space curves

... events in the past, even just a moment ago, bend off of the
point we call the present, so that a wave is created in spacetime,
the present moment being like the bow of a ship, penetrating
the cosmic sea and sending ripples out into space-time

... you can view space-time 2 ways, 1 prioritizing time,
the other space

... we have entered the scene, viewing it from a space priority,
a natural outcome of being hunter gatherers in the past

... but a better vision of what really is happening, comes
from making time a priority, prioritizing event sequences
in time, rather than territory in space

... I think we see better with our third eye, the imagination

... ah anyways, its a beautiful telescope, a great gift to the earth goddess


2012 by zentara