the demise of Twinkies

... I scan the news headlines frequently, as I have a hunger
for news and current information
... my name is Joe, I'm an information junkie

... one of the news items today, was the coming bankruptcy
of the Twinkie manufacturing plant

... it brings back alot of junk food memories, from back
in the days when we all believed one could stay healthy
on ice cream and twinkies, as long as you got your vitamin
pill everday, and a bowl of bran flakes in the morning

... yeah, those were my days of milk and honey, as promised
by God of old

... but now, I realize most of us are dying early just
from eating lousy food, too much food, or too much of the wrong food

... another news item today, said that if you owned a car
and a tv, your heart attack risk goes up 27%

... so, to potato chips, Twinkies, and Ding-Dongs I say goodbye

... and it's back to refried rice and beans, the basic basic stuff

... and even though my days of Milk and Honey are over, I find I
get greater pleasure from brown rice, butter, and chocolate

... plus the happiness level is better, because my aspirations are now
aimed higher
... as I aspire to the time, when I can continue in existence
without the need to eat food, becoming the mythical Breatharian

... I wonder if eating food, or any act of consuming from the material world,
was the Original Sin of folklore?

... after all, you are what you eat


2012 by zentara