putting the cart before the horse

... I was listening to an interview with Tina
Fey, on NPR's Fresh Air, and was enlightened
as to how Sarah Palin emerged into the mass conciousness.

... Fey said that before Palin even appeared, she had
done a Life Magazine cover, posing with McCain, way back
in 2004, for some reason

... McCain liked the Life Magazine picture so much, that he
framed it, and had it hanging on his office wall.

... McCain reportedly told Fey that when he first saw Palin,
he immediately bonded to her, because of her resemblance to Fey!

... so, the true story is that Palin resembled Tina Fey, not the other
way around, as the popular culture was led to believe

... it was Palin's lucky break that she looked like Tina Fey,
not Fey's lucky break that she looked like Sarah Palin

... that karma closes itself up nicely dosn't it?, like a mobius strip


2012 by zentara