what is existence?

... well it's Sunday again, once again time to
contemplate existence

... existence, just what is it?
It is more taken for granted than Time
... we take it is an apriori fact
... you just take it for granted, existence is something
every sane person would intrinsically comprehend
... to exist, to be, you know dummy, duh!

... but, are we something more than just a collection of atoms,
all packaged within a self-repairing skin? Currently circling
an obscure star on the fringes of a spiral galaxy?

... what does it mean to exist? Is it the fact
that we are inside human bodies? Would we exist
if we were rocks?

... I think therefore I am, is that the ticket?

... there appears to be a difference between conciousness
and existence: a rock exists, but it does not have conciousness

... many things exist in this tiny quanta of Time which we
call the present, even if we extend Time dimension so that
the last few thousand years are included in the present moment

... there is a magic involved in human existence which goes
beyond what our current science can explain

... noteably odd event sequences occur, which when analyzed,
indicate the simultaneous presence of a hidden world, our dream world
... a world of pleasant synchronicity

... I find it hard to comprehend that all the atoms in our bodies,
were originally created in stars, many eons ago

... each of us, connects thru our atoms, thru Time, to the inside
of a burning star ... oh, feel that energy :-)

... just like the fact that every breath you take, contains gasses,
that although minutely diluted, contain air molecules that Julius Caesar breathed
... or any human or creature for that fact

... take that concept from the molecular to the atomic level, and thru the Time dimension,
we all connect to burning star fire

... but intuitively, our atomic bodies only seem to be part of
the picture, most sense that invisible world around us

... it's the invisible world we seek, in the search for happiness

... what spirits exist in the dream world? How does one attain
eternal existence in the dream world?

... like when I die in this mortal body, will my soul know
where to go? Will Krishna light the path to Krishnaloka for me?

... will my flittering soul fly off up into space-time, like a blue
butterfly flying off into outer space? Evolved beyond the need
to breathe air and eat food, free in dreamworld.

... or will I simply wake up, in another body in another world?

... I'm dying to find out


2012 by zentara