getting stuck with another earth life

... a good monk must always be on the lookout for the trap
... the trap that will get you stuck, stuck in another life on earth,
another incarnation

... everyone knows about the lusty traps, like the desire for
consuming mass quantities, hmm...yum,yum
... or the desire to copulate, very powerful

... but as I sit here, at the stage in life where
I realize what reality actually is, the greatest
urge to draw me back in, is that I'm curious, and
I wonder what really did happen to earth in the future?

... where did having a free will take humanity?

... whose prognostications were correct?
... what did the gods do? did they sweep in to help
humans?... or did they unleash the horsemen of the apocolypse?

... I kind of want to know how the story plays out, and
I doubt if that kind of news will make it to where I will

... so it's awfully tempting, to incarnate 1000 years into
the future, and see what happened to earth and humanity

... it's a great temptation, likely a trap

... the trap of wanting to know, curiosity kills the cat

... a trap for interdimensional stray cats


2012 by zentara