trying to make it real

... trying to make it real ... compared to what?

... during the holiday partying, I was trying to explain
the philosophically absurd position that the invisible
world of the dreamtime, is actually more real than what
people commonly refer to as rock-hard-atomic reality

... my friend would say, if I touch you and can poke you,
that is the real world, it's not the fantasy world of tv, movies,
fokelore and the imagination

...but my position is that the invisible world of dreamland,
where our ancestors still exist, in spirit form, is actually
a larger, more infinite world, compared to our puny 100 years of
human existence, and thus is more real in eternal terms

... so what is more real? ... the real mortal world of humans?, or
the way the rest of the entire cosmic dimensional set sees it, in
in a timeless way

... it is no wonder we tend to sleep over a third of our time
... we crave connection with the dreamtime world, because we know it is home

... this trip to earth is supposed to be a realtime-4D excursion for
the soul, to experience the wonders of existence on a water planet

... but the self-replicating biological units responsible for it,
are currently running amok, without a vision of true happiness

... it's greed based anarchy, a terrible affliction for a planet to have


2012 by zentara