its new years eve

... I never really got into celebrating News Years

... our clocktime is is an artificially created
constraint, placed on our conciousness

... I mean in reality, the solstice point would
be a better marker for the new year, rather than the artificially
created concept of January 1rst
... the idea of some Roman bureaucrat

... its like changing your birthday around, and just expecting
everyone to believe it
... we all know it really isn't your birthday, but we
make believe

... do you really think Jesus was born on December 25?
... not likely, but it sure works out convenient for us
... the good work of some papal monk from the middle-ages

... so really, it isn't any special day, it's nothing
more than a convention, to mark the orbit of the earth
around the sun

... helping to track the way the earth flies thru space-time

... we forget what spaceship we are on, we are on spaceship
earth, companion ship to the Sun, and we sail thru unknown
cosmic territory


2011 by zentara