the end of 2011

... the end of 2011 approaches

... way back when I was a kid, the prospect of the
year 2011 was just a far away fantasy

... now here it is

... It makes me think about Time and what it actually is

... I was toying with the idea that the elusive Higg's Boson
might actually be an artifact of Time itself

... Time, that thing no one really understands, we all just
take it for granted... living with the delusion that Time is just clocktime

... think about it, if a vibrational pattern of strings in
pure space, somehow gained the facility to maintain
itself thru a single quanta of Time, it would then have "extent"
in the time dimension... that extent would then subjugate it to
the laws of spacetime light energy, e = mc(squared). Something under the laws
of light would be subject to gravity, and thus have mass.

... so anything with the Time dimension, has mass, it is now in space-time

... gravity works to hold all the mass together, so our
dreams can manifest themselves as reality

... I can barely imagine a cosmos with no gravity

... so back to the Higgs boson, the mass of the particle starts
when we first detect it, and ends when we can't detect it
... thats obvious fact

... might the Higgs boson be that long wave quanta of Time, which
defines the particle's existence?

... if so, how do we start tracking stuff thru Time itself?
... how can we track something no one understands?

... it all comes back to conciousness trying to manifest itself
as reality

... our strands of DNA are what really emerged from the cosmic ocean

... sub-atomic vibrational strings merging, re-merging, and finally
emerging as a creature concious of all of this

... the complex vibrational patterns of conciousness itself, coded
into DNA


2011 by zentara