the sound of 0m

... did you ever notice that I spell 0m, with
a zero?

... To me it has great meaning, and I wonder if monks
of old, who have been chanting it for years, passing
it on from generation to generation, as a chant, were
just unknowingly passing on a math symbol, which holds
the key to understanding the cosmos

... the secret key to the universe, being publically
chanted, just waiting for a receptive mind to switch
context on the spelling from a word meaning the Great All
Oneness to a math symbol for zero mass, 0m

... yet, in the zero mass state of existence, 0m, we are
still left with other dimensions still intact

... if you start out with 11 dimensions, drop off 3, which
represent the material body, you still have 8 left, to swim
on away into the cosmic sea

... so what would the sound of 0m, the zero mass state, be?

... it is the sound of the waves of Time, crashing onto the
shores of earth

... listen for it


2011 by zentara