the monkey who ate the fish

... it's fish fry friday again! whopee! TGIF

... I thought to myself, I am the monkey who ate the fish
... I could have ate a coconut, or yam root instead, but still
I ate the fish

... that is how it all got started

... before 2 minutes are up, my mind is somehow appealing to
the highest conciousnesses of the cosmos, for a ruling on whether
it is good for a monkey to eat fish, or not

... I've long since lost the taste for fish

... the best fish I've ever had was smoked Lake Superior whitefish

... that was back in the days when the Great Lakes was a giant bountiful
supply of unpoluted fish, you could eat it everyday

... smoked whitefish sausage was great too

... daydreaming of those days of plenty is perfect meditation
for an interdimensional stray cat, on this the day-before-the-day-before Christmas


2011 by zentara