the solstice arrives

... its a cold wet one here in my camp, a cold
december rain

... but it is a nice event, the rain is warm enough
so we can wear shorts, and its a pleasant mild rain,
just a light steady drizzle off of the warm ocean

... to think that this is that same point we were
1 year ago, in solar orbit terms, but 1 whole year
of time has passed, making it a totally different
place in space-time
... we have corkscrewed around alot, during that year
... the mathematicians call it a spinning wave, a wave
that spins around it's axis of transversal

... to contemplate the exact spiral path that all of us take,
as the earth orbits sun, sun orbits Milky Way, etc etc

... it's mind boggling, but that is why I like rainy weather, because
it allows one to sit and contemplate reality in a more quilt-free manner

... afterall, you can't do no work while it's wet outside,
so one may as well contemplate your own navel, or the navel
of some beautiful hot female

... but back to the weather
... I guess its a bad deal further inland,
where this warm moist air is hitting subzero arctic air,
pouring down from the North Pole

... snow drifts...yikes... I'm glad I'm not forced to deal
with those in my present spacetime location

... I remember my winter camping experiences, and living
in tents packed into snowdrifts ... kids like it for an hour
or 2, then they get cold quick

... so they call this wet cool weather pneumonia weather,
because those caught out in it, survival wise, usually succumb
to pneumonia... it's actually a pretty peaceful way to die

... but luckily, I'm high and dry, under tarps and tin,
so this wet weather is just fine with me
.... no complaints to the weather gods

... my buddy wanted to go fishing, what a bummer for him

... well, thats the ying/yang of winter solstice 2011


2011 by zentara