thanking the gods

... is this life a prison, a soul incarcerated by flesh?

... or is life just a chance for the soul to experience
the pains and pleasures of the material world?

... I swing back and forth, generally looking at life
as a stepping stone to even higher lifeforms which
exist only in the submerged invisible world of the imagination,

... a pursuit, a path, ultimately leading to the pursuit of happiness
at the very soul and karmic level

... a happiness of just being able to be alive and experience what
is occurring in the other mud around us

... so to be honest I believe that there are higher creatures
than us, which we call gods

... I thank them! First Krishna, the source of all happiness
Next, Rama, and the goddess of earth for allowing us to play
in their mudhole
... what fun I had
... orgasms are the coolest pleasures since slice bread

... I admit, I've been sexually deprived most of my life,
as I never really had the college cheerleader girlfriend
in reality ... fantasy? thousands of them

... but, back to the gods, Krishna, Rama, and Brahma

... Brahma, the source of all knowledge and wisdom

... we would all be dead without Brahma's guidance

... so as we come upon the Winter Solstice, I thank
all those gods for giving us ignorant dumb humans
a good ride lately

... Hare Krisha! Hare Rama! Hare Brahma! and kisses
to the earth goddess


2011 by zentara