remembering ole fish fry Friday

... a radio report on coal powerplant mercury emissions,
and its warnings on eating local fish, made me remember
the Fish Fry Fridays that used to be put on by the men's group
of the local catholic church

... all you could eat fried perch or smelt, for
a one dollar... very festive affairs ... the whole
parish there, sitting at folding tables, just gorging
on the fish

... the impact of the story was the danger of getting too
much mercury from eating local fish, and I remember what
I heard from a news report on a mercury researcher in Minnesota,
who discoverd that the dietary supplement Selenium
seemed to prevent uptake of mercury in the diet... so
eat your Selenium supplement if you are living on
any food which may be high in mercury, and the mercury
just passes thru you

... just passes thru you, to be turned into a sludge
full of mercury, ready to be processed, dried, and sold
back to us as lawn fertilizer
... I remember the story, where some cities dried sewage sludge
could not be sold because of high metals content, traced to
everyone in town eating at fast food joints

... my gone and great history teacher, at the all-boys
christian school I attended, told us how the fish on friday
thing got started

... the story is the Pope owned just about everything back
in the Middle Ages, and the Pope's fishery business was a bit
slow on sales, so his eminence proclaimed the "no meat on Friday"
rule, so everyone would eat fish that day

... since then, it has taken on mythological status

... it was a very good life back then, when the tribes could
net and smoke fish, eating fish twice a day

... now the warnings say eat no more than once a month

... quite a change over a few hundred years

... another researcher's offerings claimed that the Omega-3
fats in fish, are a prime source of happiness, as people's
who get alot of real Omega-3's, don't get clinical depression

... but I now know why the old eskimo's are always seen smiling


2011 by zentara