the mystery of quantuum entanglement

... amoung all the recent scientific discoveries, the
one that fascinates me the most, is the concept of
quantuum entanglement

... simply put, they have found that some very elementary
particles, can be split into pairs, and if separated apart,
a change in one of the pair is instantaneously manifested
in the other, even after they are separated by some distance

... any old ham radio operator would instantaneously see
the Morse Code communication possibilities in this

... such as instantaneous Morse Code connections to the Moon,
or who knows how far the connection lasts
... theoretically they say it would work across the galaxy

... there is some sort of glitch in all this, in that the
particle pairs need to be kept totally isolated from the
rest of the material world, possibly in magnetic bottles

... that means a small super-secure magnetic bottle system is needed
... little magnetic vaccuum chambers designed to hold just one sub-atomic
particle, spinning away like a mini gyroscope
... a spinning top, with no resistance to slow it down

... to me, what is of real interest, is the underlying dimensional
mechanism that allows for this anomaly of "action at a distance"

... how could it all be possible?

... it has to prove the existence of non-material dimensions,
that would allow for information to be transmitted faster than
the speed of light

... I think ultimately, they will find that the brain is some
sort of quantuum entanglement transceiver, which connects to all


2011 by zentara