am I the Higg's Bozo?

... if I had to bet my life on it, I would say that there
is an intelligent conciousness behind all of the Cosmos

... the flow of the Tao has purpose and meaning in it's
event sequences

... the Buddhist's number 1 tenet, is that Conciousness
is a basic property of the cosmic existence

... I mean sooner or later in our delvings into the sub-quark
world, we will eventually discover our conciousness to be a
standing wave pattern in 11 dimensions

... making our brains more like multidimensional transceivers, as opposed
to chemical memory storage units

... the question then becomes how many higher dimensions are there?
... how many non-material dimensions?, where no Higg's Bozo would dare to tread

... and second, why do I stick to the earth like I'm glued to it?

... maybe that is what death is, finally being freed from
the chains of gravity?

... my answer seems to be, because we would be in big trouble
without it, everthing would fall apart without gravity :-)


2011 by zentara