the dark energy

... its a cold rainy monday in my camp, and
I wonder about the dark energy out there
... I wonder from a zen perspective of total open-mindedness

... the modern 11 dimensional theoreticians out there, claim
that most of the mass-energy of our little 3 dimensional
cosmos is hidden from our sensors ... it is out of our sensor
range but we can still infer it's existence by the way patterns emerge
over time, such as the way the 3d universe seemingly expands,
or the way our monkey brain tumbles from one quantuum world possibility to
the next, in our dreams, desires and wishes

... they call it the Dark Energy, energy not of the world of Light energy,
dark energy wavelets may not be bound by the speed of light, as we are

... I wonder, if in the quantuum state view of time, where each instant
is just the transformation matrix from the last moment ... a quantuum tumbler
seeking it's total lowest energy state in the scheme of all things all things ultimately seek the easiest possible outcome for their next instant
of life, their lowest quantuum state

... a noted mathematician on the radio recently, reminded me of a fine
point about quantuum physics
... that is, the quantuum math generates the probabilities off all the
different possible outcomes, it does not predict which of the outcomes will occur,
nor can it explain how the eventual event does occur at the string level as
we vibrate thru what we perceive as Time

... I tend to think the dark energy is just the sea full of all those
un-manifested dreams and desires, the quantuum states not chosen for
manifestation... recycled available karma, just waiting to happen,
but safely hidden for now, in the other hidden dimensions

... that cycles back to the zen concept that our inner mind is a reflection
of the outer world, so that by seeing how the inner mind works, shows to you
a model of how the cosmic magic works for humans

... another interesting misunderstood thing about quantuum probablilities, is that for
the averages to work, exceptions to the rule have to occur all the time

... that means that occaisionally wild fluctuations can happen, seaming like magic
.... but, for those to occur, you first need to believe, because conciousness is the
seed source of future events

... might the Dark Energy may be conciousness itself?

... Maybe we, ourselves, are the elusive Higgs boson, the conciousness which
allows for the standing wave pattern we call reality, to manifest

... as we build ever-bigger colliders to search for the truth,
we may just end up discovering the source of all of our conciousness


2011 by zentara