eggs hatching

... it dawned on me today that we are like chicken eggs
waiting to hatch

... waiting to be hatched out into that new big world, up
there in spacetime with the tribal ancestors

... luckily, no horrendous space dragons have come to
prey upon humans, so there are no predators on us, except us
and the built-in dangers from the biological crud pile which
we now call earth

... hopefully, when we hatch, no hungry predators from the world
above will gobble us up, like a spirit raccoon eats a duck egg...
a tragedy for the baby duck, but great luck for the raccoon

... in the meantime all sorts of predators check us out,
like wolves checking the caribou herd for the old and weak,
its a rough life ... the wolves run the herd, to see who
is weak

... well, TGIF, thank god it's friday, because I can drift off into the
make believe world of the weekend, where we all want to be


2011 by zentara