remembering Pearl Harbor

... it's Dec 7th again, time to meditate once more on the
tragedy and heroics of Pearl Harbor

... what we are truly taking about here is war, vicious, vicious war,
with no limits on the inhumane behavior that results from it

... its starts with Pearl and ends with Hiroshima

... I keep remembering the scene in the movie Patton,
where Patton says to the troops; it's not your job
to die for your country, it's your job to make the other
poor slobs die for their country :-)

... well, conspiracy theory or not, terrible things
happened to those men that day

... maybe we can try to transcend time, and send a thought
message back to them, to comfort them in their last
hours of conciousness... what would I say?

... we won? ... it was ugly, but we won?

... or would I say, it held the peace for 80 years,
but the cycle is returning, Europe is fragmenting,
and the unstable seas rise in the South Pacific

... it truly would be nice to have a world without war,
but I think it is a curse on the planet, a curse released
when Pandora's Box was opened


2011 by zentara