a man's search for God

... I heard that phrase on the radio, and thought
to write my view

... what was the old Bible saying? What does it
gain a man, to gain the entire world, yet lose
his immortal soul?

... I don't know for sure what most people think God is.
I only know in my own head, what I see. Humans generally
believe in the invisible worlds, and so do I.

... I guess I learned it's best to let the Tao flow, and let
it's preferred balance quantuum point settle out

... like trying to surf the Time wave toward the bottom
of the wave, where things are slower, but far safer

... do not try to force the Tao, but allow it to provide
its events with as little effort and hassle as possible

... that is the path... the path that allows for the lowest
psychic quantuum state to manifest

... It pays to always think good thoughts toward the exterior
world, because ultimately, all things get reflected back, returning
off of the fluctuations in the karmic foam.

... I have found that God must be the source of all happiness,
so that is what I seek


2011 by zentara