happy Thanksgiving

... I was wondering truthfully, what do I have to be
thankful for?

... when I was young, it was being with cousins,
sucking down caffeinated soda pops, and learning
about the family

... now, older, I'm alone, way on top, looking it all over,
thru the lense of Time, and I wonder? ... just what
do I have to be thankful for?

... first thing, is be glad if you have a quiet peaceful
place to be, so you can sleep at night... thats any wanderer's
first priority, after getting fresh water to drink

... then you have to have some food to eat

... being a vegetarian mostly now, I shy away from turkey,
but am very thankful for having food to eat

... man, having food, good real food, like steamed brown rice,
or fresh ground, freshly made bread or tortillas from the ovens, is
what we really should be thankful for; for it's the stuff that keeps
you alive

... but what keeps the spirit alive? What keeps us plodding
along, thru the miserable mud? It's Hope.

... Hope that you will make it to a better condition,
like you will get out of the mudhole, and climb out onto
dry land again, where the wheels can roll freely

... happy Thanksgiving to whoever reads this
... keep plodding forward


2011 by zentara