the manic depressive car mechanic

... cars have become so ingrained in our lives, that its
hard to estimate the effect they have on our happiness
and sub-concious mind

... I'm a victim of the syndrome myself

... when I had my old van, I was happy only
when the van was running good, and any spare
funds I had went into parts for it, to help insure
it's reliability

... I guess everyone loves that mobility, or the promise
of quick mobility, and we can't fathom a world without it

... we feel weak and powerless without mobility

... my mother had to have a car in the garage, ready and reliable,
or she would fret over it

... so when the prospect is for one of the sources of mobility
to be taken away, due to mechanical breakdown, the owner-mechanic
laments the possible loss of his transport

... compare the elation one feels, when the vehicle is running smooth,
all dash gauges looking good,
versus the despair one experiences, when suddenly you find out the head is blown
beyond repair

... its like one of the horses died


2011 by zentara