the coming weather storms

... whohoo! it is Friday again in the big cycle of events

... I saw disturbing news from an international body of
atmospheric scientists, who claim heat waves, cold waves,
and strong winds are coming ... the Big Bad Wolves

... coming like giant human-eating demons, which feed
off of the death of millions thru starvation and political strife

... we need to start getting prepared, circling the wagons

... maybe things like diverting the Mississippi over to
the encroaching desert in Texas, to make crops grow.
... isn't that a pipe dream? :-)

... the Chinese are diverting a huge river to feed
one of their water desparate cities...the whole river

... the one solace I have, in being on the over-the-hill
side of 60, is the knowledge that the future seems increasingly
tumultuous, and I'm hoping I'll be dead and gone before
any true ugliness breaks out upon earth

... a cold wind blows hard today,
the Big Bad Wolves are on the prowl


2011 by zentara