we all are playing Shakespearean roles

... I heard a discussion on the radio, about Hamlet's
last words... quite intriguing... Oh Oh Oh Oh

... I guess we all get to play Hamlet's last scene,
where he is dying in his pal's arms, total tradgedy

... what does he say? Oh Oh Oh Oh?, Maybe
he was sending back his coordinates in 4D space-time?
Maybe he was at the zero coordinate point, saying 0 0 0 0,
where that was his dimensional location, leaving thru the
origin of the space-time dimensional set?

... I often wonder about the coincidental meanings of
the chant word Om, and 0m the scientific notation for zero mass

... I think, at 0m, the zero-mass state; which underlies all of
our material world, there are the eternal dimensions

... Om and 0m, are they the same? Both conceptualizing the great oneness
of the underlying dimensional set? One from the left side of the brain,
and one from the right ... chants or math equations

... an oddity of lanquage where capital O, and 0 zero,
followed by an m, both produce the same concept?
One via lanquage, one via math symbol?

... the last time I was given time to blurt out some last
words, while facing death, was when I skied off a cliff
in Colorado... It is claimed I yelled "Oh No!"

...I was lucky. The way I hit the ground, I walked away

... someone yelled "Cool man, do it again"... no thanks

... so remember... if it ain't your Hamlet's last words scene,
yell oh no, otherwise, it's oh oh oh oh

... damn!, whens Friday gonna get here? :-)


2011 by zentara