Can you imagine that?

... I was listening a description of the begining of the cosmos,
then it dawned on me... just how big the cosmos is.

... our science ranges from studying the micro dimensions and macro spaces

... but we've yet to figure it out

... could the mathematical model be the unfolding lotus? The spirals that spin?

... man, we are all doing deluxe cartwheels thru space time, and we hardly
notice a thing

... I don't feel dizzy, do you? :-)
...just image all the time, and steps, it took for life to evolve out of the
water oceans

... the dinosuars, the ice age, the asteroid hits...
... I almost feel like ducking for cover, just thinking about it :-)

... anyways, we are here now, somehow incarnated at this space and time

... just imagine that, lucky us


2011 by zentara