what do we really meditate on?

... what do we really meditate on?

...I mean ultimately, we don't know how we got here,
and we repress the thoughts of our own mortalities,
and make believe we live forever... it's that
eternal youth syndrome

... didn't some great master from the past, say
be as little children?

... so it seems meditation quickly leads to one
thought: I am mortal, and will die
... each and everyone of us are in that sinking boat

... so knowing it will all soon be over, and with all the
ultimate questions soon to be answered, what do you do with
your soul's remaining Time allocation on this space-time-flying ocean?

... image us, a giant pool of water, H2O, just flying along
in space-time, with a few rocks and mountains for us to climb up on,
into the air-space

... then, when in the airspace, we get a glimpse of the world
in the spirit-space, and we want to climb out of the harsh air-space
world, into the more pleasant spirit-space world

... if you are sane, it's about the only conclusion one can come to!

... it is advisable for all, to pass to the spirit-space world

... I guess that's why we die

... does that pass the Catch-22 insanity test? :-)

... so that's what we meditate on around here

... end of Sunday Sermon


2011 by zentara