playing poker

... a radio report this morning got me thinking of poker

... I used to love playing poker when I was a kid, with all
the other jeuvenilles, who, like me, were looking to move beyond
Crazy-8's and Fish.

... the games ultimately degenerated into wild-card games,
where everyone had chances of getting bizzarely high poker hands,
because of all the wild cards... always the dealer's choice, like
low-hold, 2's wild, 1-eyed jacks, big man with the ax ... I always
liked that one

... then there were the Drop-Guts games, and the ever so treacherous
drop guts, twice around, low-hold wild, where you could always get
high hands, yet lose, since bizarre odds changes occur where things like
a full house changing into a 5-of-a-kind occur, and the game all comes
down to pure luck and balls

... the commentator said it's all about managing your stake,
and learning to hang in there, until Lady Luck comes your way

... playing for nickels and pennies was alot of fun

... each kid had their own jar or bag of change that represented their
winnings at the latest 8 hour poker marathon in the garage

... God, those were exhausting psychic events, where for 8 hours, or sometimes
in double sessions, we would fight for luck... the piles of change
shifting back and forth across the table, like shifting sand dunes,
the bigger the dune, the bigger the luck

... some days people would just crash out, and some days people
would go down to their last 2 cents, to come back and wipe the
whole table out ... you could see how luck worked, because you
saw it day after day

... I wonder if they ever did a study to see if bio-rythems alter
who has luck in poker?

... yes, luck was like a benevolent dragon who flittered in the
invisible airs around the players, and each player flirted spiritually
with the luck dragon

... it was all great fun.... then my aunts and the other old ladies
got into playing it... then the schools started having "poker festivals",
and it somehow took all the fun out of it

... the commentator also said it should be taught as a class to young
kids in school... Poker 101.. as a way to teach managing your stake.

... yeah, I could see myself teaching poker to 6th graders. :-)
... whose got the luck kids ?


2011 by zentara