mere mortals fighting against the weather

... as the first really wintery day hits us, with a
freeze warning, it makes me wonder, on this Veterans Day,
what are we really fighting against, what are we struggling against,
to stay alive as dominant species on this planet?

... I saw a news report which stated that Prince Charles
said we are heading for an extinction event on this planet

... sort of in sync with that movie Melancholia, where a planet
is obviously crashing into us, and all hope is lost for all ;-(

... still, I wonder, what is the nature of this battle
on battlefield earth? Is it man vs. woman? Or are man
and woman united in a common fight against the natural forces,
the forces that kill human societies off?

... I still feel the weather is alive somehow, there is something
about it, maybe because it engulfs us in it's gasses on a daily
basis, we take it for granted

... but its the events, which the winds bring, which are the true magic


2011 by zentara