the Tao is Time

... what is the Tao? It is manifest in the flow of Time,
and all which that entails

... we are not just random flashes of conciousness between
2 eternal darknesses

... we are here, center stage in the Tao, watching the end
of the world come, come as we know it is supposed to come,
as it has been predicted, and we are judged on our responses

... but when?... that is the fine print in the cosmic scheme
of things ... when when when when when

... some people want the end-times to come, some don't,
... I guess it tells you alot about people's souls, asking whether
they want the end of the world, or not.

... do you see the built-in wickedness in this world, and
cry for nothing more than it's destruction?
... or; do you think: earth ain't so bad? Lets give it another 100 years.

... anyways, you still have to get up in the morning, and
chop some wood and haul some water, so the daily flow of Time
can proceed to manifest oncoming events ... surf that Wave


2011 by zentara