the new paradigm, same as the old paradigm

... it occured to me today, as I tried to reconcile the
new Multiverse concepts of quantuum mechanics, with my
early Roman Catholic training, that we have come full circle

... way back when, before Copernicus and Galileo, the earth
was viewed as the center of the universe, or at
least on center stage in the Great Tao

... then Coperincus, et al, made us all think that we, on earth,
w'ere not the Center of the Universe... we were just riders on big
rocks flying around in ever-larger spirals thru empty space... a
space-time which we do not fully comprehend

... now with the new physical view of a multi-dimensional universe,
even our daily lives can be measured in terms of a cosmic energy flow, a soul,
a set of quantuum possibilities and probabilities which each of us make
as we leave wake trails thru the Great String ocean

... so events and event sequences seem to be more important in our
realities, than the fact that I'm on a rock flying around the Sun.

... the old paradigm, which I was taught when I was young, was we are
just flying around on earth, going around the sun, in a big spiral
called the Milky Way

... but in the new paradigm, we are just sequences of events, transistioning
thru Time, the earthrock and sun are just optical illusions of solidity
which our brains produce

... it's more like we are 4-dimensional super-strings, that have come
together, and become aware of their own existence, and are surfing the Time Wave

... Time, and it's events, becomes the primary focus for what we call life.

... it's like Magic, no wonder Harry Potter is popular

... but trying to reconcile that, with the world that Sister Immaculata
taught me, is still puzzling


2011 by zentara