heading for the last judgement

... it occurred to me, that asking for your final
judgement from God, is the same as asking the 3D material
world warden to release you from earth
... asking for your last life on earth

... you know the legal agreement our soul's have to
the spiritual bigshots who emanate from the Great Oneness
which burdens us here with our miserable little existences

... if that makes sense?

... I have to let go of this body, and take that adventurous
step forward as a soul on the interdimensional plane

... gotta get ready for that, no omen of impending doom,
but the wise plan ahead, for where their souls will go when
this miserable little earth game is over

... back from the dead, of halloween games, now I
must submit that asking for your final judgement
before the Great Oneness of it all
and asking
for a final life on earth, like a cat with 9 lives,
on it's last life on earth, and "Meowing" at how
cool this creation actually is... the magic of it all

... where does a cat so cold, go, so that he can exist at
zero degree kelvin, in fact, so cold, he can go into negative Kelvin,
and actually get energy from the negative side of zero Kelvin?

... mewow, 0m, an interdimensional stray cat, named Jo

... mewow

... I sense the prescence of other intelligent interdimensional stray cats

... 0m


2011 by zentara