the happiest man in the world

... I was listening to the best spiritual show on American airwaves,
and they interviewed the French translator of the Dalai Lama, a
science consultant turned Buddhist monk, who had the claim
of being the happiest man in the world, and had scientific brain
scans to proove it... wrote a very good book, The Qauntuum and the Lotus

... anyways I had to ask myself, really ... am I happy, and what really
is happiness to me?

... after all my travels, foibles, and scams, seeing the onset
of the suffering that comes with age and bad diet, I think I have
finally found my answer ... I want to go to the source of all
beauty and happy emanations ... like the Big Party in the Sky,
the Promised Land, the land of Milk and Honey, Eden

... even if it's only a thought in my head, it is such a valued
treasure that I cannot let go of it... a time and a place where
no creature is forced to toil for a living ... Eden, Shangi-La,
a place where the soul goes where the pure Conciousness
of the Great Oneness, rules in each and every action, so all
events are perfect events, with luck and perfect flow of the Tao

... I nearly felt that oneness last night packing my tiny cube
refrigerator with 6 months supplies of rice, refried beans, taco sauce and

... When I got back from the store, I thought, all this ain't gonna fit,
damn! :-) But as I tried to fit the various blocks and tubs of cheese in,
it seemed that MAGICALLY the geometric shapes all packed in there,
in every nook and cranny, as if it was all part of a 3D jigsaw puzzle

... I thought the designers of this refridgerator, work in
cahoots with the food packaging designers, so that sizes, stacking,
and fitting all match up

... I felt one with the flow of the Tao, feeling pure luck flowing
thru my veins, and as each oddly shaped package fit in there, I muttered
to myself.... these guys are geniuses

... small lucky stuff like that makes me feel good about being alive,
and lets me know the I am in sync with the river of Time

... but back to happiness.... now that I see that I'm not going to
live forever, being up there in age, where you can drop dead at
anytime, I figure I should really answer it to my own satisfaction

... What is my true happiness?... I guess being in that Eden-like
state, the land where the Pure Conciousness rules all things, and
allows manifestation only of perfect events

... Earth ain't that place ... just the fact that you have to die,
means it's such an imperfect world

... To the best of my knowledge, that perfect place is called Krishnaloka

.... so to be dedicated in your deepest desires, to go that paradise,
is the best thing you can do to promote your happiness

... at least one can say "I died trying", Happy Halloween :-)


2011 by zentara