the soul, the multiverse, and the multidimensional universe

... I was listening to an interview with a well studied cosmologist/physicist
on the radio

... the discussion centered on the true nature of the cosmos, accounting
for the mind's experience of reality

... the word multiverse repeatedly came up, as an attempt to describe
the myriad of quantuum possibilities, which compete in the dark energy worlds
to yield a state that can be manifest in our 4d reality

... all this made me think of the soul

... if, as subnuclear scientists now claim, there are 11 dimensions to
our world, then we, as humans are 11 dimensional beings

... our materialistic nature has misled us to believe that our 3d portion
of the 11, our physical atomic body, is all we are

... but at death, we leave those 3d atoms behind here on earth, and the other
8 continue on

... continue on to where? ... the answer to that question is the goal of all
proper meditation

... ultimately, all good meditation concludes with the thought, seek happiness

... happiness has a source, a well spring, and it feels so good to be happy
that every sane person should migrate toward the source


2011 by zentara