getting your priorities in order

... I was thinking about the thoughts posted yesterday
by the Dalai Lama

... what should be our priorities in life? I mean we only
last 100 years at the most, and this world is just full
of greedy nasty people

... should we be protesting for these jobs they
promise if you get trained right ... I mean they really
crack the whip with this keeping up with the Jonses,
rat-race, materialistic mindset. Constantly pushing us all
to buy buy BUY, and update update UPDATE

... maybe instead of fancy jobs, and fancy cars, and fancy
war machines, we should ask for the simplicity of free rent,
or at least free tent cities to camp in. Easy-to-get, or even
free food basics, and simple clothes.

Then we could hang out all day, playing chess, checkers and whatever
sport you want.

Havn't the fat cats at the top of the heap made enough money yet?

Let the poor slaves have some free time to contemplate the meaning
of life on earth ... quit cracking the whip, and let the mule team rest.

... let the mules graze in the grass


2011 by zentara