trying to stay more esoteric

... trying to talk about the current politics or wars
seems to be a dangerous thing to do nowadays, so for
my own piece of mind, I will from here on out, try to
stay on the more ethereal level of facing existence

... it really don't matter how much money or whatever you
got in your lives, because life is really very short, a
hundred years is nothing in cosmic terms. Actually having money
is almost a karmic curse, the pursuit of it, or even need for it,
draining your happiness away

... do you know how easy it is for you to sit around and just
eat rice and beans, wear dungy clothes, and generally just camp out?

... who really needs this rat race economy?

... why worry about going to school or work?.. why not just hang out,
getting high, baking bread, growing sprouts .... the simple peaceful
country life.

... we need to make "tent cities" for the landless poor legal, so people without
money can live in legal 2x4 and plastic tarps structures,
Why?....because that is all they can afford.

... its like this Wall Street protest campout... how about turning it into
a permanent tent city... somewhere on donated land?... and they then can
be the public example prototype for the first free peoples who camp and
don't need to pay rent to someone.... free land to camp on

... but that is starting to get political again, back to the existential dilemma

... what do you meditate on, knowing that your measily existence is soon
to be wiped out?

... worry about f*cking rent? No way. Worry where your soul will migrate to
next life.

... thats what I think about now, the transition from the material world,
on into the non-material world... what happens as the soul detaches from the
body? What happens when the non-material energy side of your being, leaves go
of it's partner atomic structure... the earth_self dissolves away

... anyways, don't worry about fancy jobs and houses, worry about surviving
the transition from material existence into the mass-free energy state

... I wonder if within one's deepest mind, you can send messages and thoughts
back and forth, to yourself, thru Time? Neutrinos have some repute for transcending
the speed of light... so what about thought engrams, which you leave modulated into
our own space-time path as we spiral thru the cosmic ocean of sub-nuclear energies?

... we go back into that world, I believe, it is almost like we are on the
shore of an ocean of sub-quark fields, or whatever subnuclear framework you setup,
and the body is just our root in the material atoms

... camping out isn't a bad life, it should be made legal and easily available,
and zones where totally free camping is permitted are needed
... because if you have to pay rent to camp out, it ain't free,
it means you must work for someone in order to justify your camp

... that isn't how free men live

... after all, making us all pay rent, or making rent-free camping
unavailable, is the ultimate Wall Street crime of greed perpetrated
onto the people


2011 by zentara