my last post for while

... the United States is descending into darkness

... I can't even view a sporting event, without it appearing
burgeousie, and a staged event

... mega-corporations have sucked Babylon's tit, until
it can give no more, leaving an ugly mess of debt,
with no way out but collapse

... politicians have become nothing more than than
mouthpieces for the mega-corporations, because
the media makes sure that only money talks
... and only they, have, and dispense the money

... the internal secret police are corrupt, and
as one veteran put it " people have more right
to free speech in Iraq than America"
... there are many ways they torture you into submission
... that is the scariest aspect of all this, all the hidden
techniques they use to make their opponents miserable
... behavior modification is what they call it

... so it's time to shut up for awhile, it isn't
conducive to smooth sailing to speak the truth anymore

... this all may end up in a real revolution

... a repeat of 1929 may be the only way out,
real belt-tightening hurts, and it's done uniformly
across all class lines

... anyways, its too dangerous to talk or listen to the media anymore

... beware, behavior modification is everywhere

... may your karma be good, and may you be guided safely thru the
coming storm by a higher light


2011 by zentara