those camels have big wallets

... I can't understand how wealthy people can claim
to be christians, when the gap between rich and
poor is so great

... didn't the bible say "It is harder for a rich man
to get into heaven, than it is for a camel to pass thru the
eye of a needle"?

... so what does say about the rich elite of the world?
... especially those who complain about taxes
... if you believe the bible, they aren't heading for heaven

... I wonder what sort of rationalizations these people use,
to take all the devil's easy money, yet still make believe they are going
to heaven?

... is that called selling your soul?

... my internal spirit teacher says it's simple: karma follows the money

... we all know what that karma is, if you are honest within yourself

... it definitely would be easier for them to squeeze thru the
eye of the needle if their wallets weren't so fat, the karma
must be a bitch for them

... it is sort of like a cosmic mousetrap set by God,
people can't resist going for all that cheesey money and power,
and the trap closes


2011 by zentara