the coming isolationalism

... is internationalism worth it?

... the internationalists have used the American military
as their personal enforcers for too long, long enough
to run us into bankruptcy, both economic and karmic

... all in the name of protecting democracy, we pour money into
corrupt regimes, who use it to corrupt their country's true
democratic politics by setting up systems of payoffs,
hmmm... sounds like Washington politics ... real democracy, eh?

... we would serve ourselves better to circle the wagons,
because very soon, the world is going to get wild and wicked,
and we don't have the money left to police the world,
and no one else seems to be chipping in or even giving a damn

... the world is going to go to hell, as the population explodes,
and we can either tighten up ship, or go down with it

... who are these internationalists, anyways? They hide themselves well,
as they make huge profits off of importing foreign goods and laying
off our own citizens .... the American financial system is like
a big cookie jar to them
... and like the selfishness which they embody, they will just
eat all the cookies until the jar is empty, then tell us it's
our fault for not making more cookies

... and do the international corporations want to help the US debt
problem, by allowing taxes to be raised on their dubious profits?

... no, they would rather run us into bankruptcy so they can get
everyone on their payola plan

... as it stands now, we are helpless against the descendants of
Pancho Villa, who soon will be raiding again, because some
internationalists have decided our army is better off controlling
the profitable poppy and oil fields, rather than our own lands

... it's got to piss you off, sooner or later our policing the world
has got to end


2011 by zentara