now isn't that odd timing?

... the one medical practice that I really find spiritually
distasteful, is organ donation

... and, just as timing is everything, the one NPR commercial
I gag on when I hear it, the one where they are sponsored
by some organ donation enterprise, came on just before my
favorite NPR show started, giving me this awful choice,

... accept the concept of organ donation and listen to my favorite show


... switch off the radio and on the cd, and forgo my hour of laughing with fellow humans

... what was even more peculiar, was that just days before, I got a questionaire
on a web page, where I chose this particular show as my favorite

... what coincidence, best show, worse brainwashing ad

... I put on the cd, because that commercial has dug claws into me everytime
I heard it

... people are given their bodies, and if you fuck it up thru your connection
to the world, thru whatever mishap or misuse, that means the Great Tao
has decided it is your time to go.
... taking other people's body parts, to extend your own life, screws up death's timing

... but if you want to screw up your own death's timing, keep it secret, because
I don't want to hear about the disgusting practice

... I don't know which money-makers are running this mind game, trying to convince everyone
that organ transplants are hunky dory, I guess the cat may be already out of the bag,
... but I'm still against it

... and you know the way this humans-goin-to-hell world degenerates,
soon they will kill you just to harvest your organs
... or have secret human body grow labs, where they artificially
generate humans with no brains, so their organs can be harvested to keep
some devilish class of people alive longer than God intended

... and mark my words, it could soon become the only way to get any kind of
decent health care for the poor class ... cheaper rates for organ donors

... if you have had a transplant, and are reading this, I'm sorry if I offended

... but that is the truth that I see inside

... it's just too close to cannibalism for me


2011 by zentara