what we are fighting for

... Kruschev said he would bury us, way back when,
... but we buried ourselves under a ton of debt

... where did all this debt come from?
... has the HMO's who got rich off of medicare fraud
stole it all?
... just let people die man, the way God intended
... don't poke, prod, and inject me with treatments intended
to get you rich. Let me die naturally, so I can experience
the trip... I'm going to see the truth, not some chemically produced
irradiated state of mind your Frankenstein doctors have concocted to make money

... I ain't afraid to die, I'm going to Krishnaloka, I'm happy to check out
of this earth world, don't try to slow me down

... was it all the military spending?
... or just the wild and wicked materialism binge
this county's been on for the last 40 years, where
and when everyone believed the baldface lies those
politicians fed us about we can grow our way out of the debt

... and now comes what seems like the straw that broke the camel's back
... the debt we owe for financing the wars in Iraq
and AfGhanistan, and as the truth comes out 15 years later,
we had no business in those wars to begin with, and now we're
told the politicians told us lies about weapons of mass destruction.
... oops, you are supposed to forget that
... forget? What? All those poor f*ckers getting killed over there,
just for a few little white lies
... one could get killed by the hatred shown toward innocent Americans
over these wars, started over white lies

... Sealtem 6 could have killed Bin Laden years ago, our armies are
there to try to get the heroin producing poppy crop under control

... you hear little news blips about it from time to time, where our
soldiers or agents are killed under extremely odd conditions,
but nothing more is ever said

... it was like that in South East Asia, the government suppressed all reporting
of all the soldiers becoming junkies

... it was the same thing in Viet Nam, it all started with the
different warlords fighting over the Golden Triangle's heroin production.
... ask any decent history professor, or anyone from Europe

... it can make alot of money the way it is made illegal, and pushed
up into blackmarket price territory

... but no one in america talks about the skull and bones society

... so, I hope those leaders upstairs, who are watching a silent coup
of the United State's government take place, first by bankrupting us,
then by letting politicians be bought off by gigantic international corporations,
who control the media, are risking a street revolution, in my opinion

... it's the curse of capitalism; near the end, it devours itself, like a
shark feeding frenzy

... by the way, I figured out what level of torture I would consider
the limit ... it is spraying with a street pressure garden water hose :-)
... anything more than that is being cruel, just in case there are street riots

... what we really need to do, just like every other 3rd world country
does, is declare the US dollar obsolete, and we will replace them with new dollars

... the old guard has illegally stolen and socked away so much wealth, that
a completely fresh start is required... why should the Fed rule the United States?
... I mean what is Wall Street, other than fake wealth generation engine

... no matter what the mouthpieces in the media report, you and I know
inflation for food, shelter and basic neccesities, is like 100% over
just 10 years ago

... yeah, we are growing our way out of debt, just by inflating the
money supply so Washington can be a glitsier place for the world

... if you want to understand international politics, it's all like gang warfare
... who controls the turf and territory

... well, I've been a bit down lately, and have a premonition that I could
die tonight, so I'm just letting it hang out

... like the old saying goes,
we all are on death row, just at a different place in line

... to be honest, I was happier when life was 40 acres and a mule

... that brings to mind a quote I heard on the radio about what the political
platform was for ex-Chinese Chairman Deng
every family should have a roof, stove, sewing machine, and bicycle

... now that's Compared to What


2011 by zentara