Golden Gate bridge for sale

... I've been hearing of the Greek financial crisis lately,
especially the suggestion that Greece sell off some of their
beautiful islands to pay off their huge debt

... how did their debt get so big anyways?
... maybe they were living too high on the hog in relation
to what they produced as a nation?

... a 48 hour strike was called, and a reporter was asked
what's it like there during the strike?
... she responded it was nice, as it was quiet and clean,
since all the car and truck traffic was gone

... I wonder, maybe it's for the best, to let all the indebted poor
countries economically fail, so they will shake off the
yoke of the hydrocarbon econonmy

... I would bet, that if everyone in Greece went back to
riding bicycles, they would be more economically viable, healthier,
and become even more desirable as a tourist destination

... I say let it crumble, maybe it's time to take away
the economic burden of owning and maintaining private vehicles,
which is the number 1 drain on household economics

... then I think, we in the US are in the same boat, just
a bit further upstream from the inevitable economic waterfall

... when I was very young, very few people had cars,
and the streets and air was cleaner, people were not
saddled with monthly insurance and car payments
... we walked, took a bus, or rode bikes everywhere

... lets face it, we in the US, no longer produce the
needed amount of goods, to pay for the luxery
of private motorized carriages for everyone

... maybe we should let the US default on it's debt,
and let things shake out, until a natural balance is

... if we don't, eventually the debt will grow until
we need to do something radical, like selling Alaska
back to the Russians, or maybe the Virgin Islands to
the Columbians
... the Chineese might like to buy Hawaii or the Golden Gate

... it's no joke, the bankers want their money, their
pound of flesh, or the land you live on

... I remember, when Kruschev banged his shoe at the UN,
screaming we will bury you, and I laughed at him
... but now, 50 years later into the wasteful capitalist hydrocarbon
economy, I think he may have been prophetic


2011 by zentara