unencumbered by the thought process

... unencumbered by the thought process is a phrase
coined by the Tappet Brothers, Click and Clack, who do a
very popular weekly NPR call-in show on auto repair

... to me, it is the utterance of a zen master, highly enlightened

... but what does it mean? ... after all, we must think
in order to function, and non-thinking, do-nothing states
of mind, produce nothing more than people who are lumps on a log

... to me, it means to be open to your intuition, and to trust it

... now Click and Clack both have great intuition, when it comes
to car repair, and it is uncanny how they can diagnose otherwise
hard to find problems, with just a few simple questions

... years of experience has produced a model in their heads of
how energy and time affect the breakdown of the material parts,
and with that knowledge, they can quite accurately guess what
part is bad, solely on intuition and statistical likelihood

... they run into trouble, when they start thinking too much,
and fall into the trap of over-analizing

... our bodies and the lives they let us live, are very similar
to cars, in the way they wear out, and breakdown due to abuse and age

... but our bodies have 1 technological advance over cars, in that we
are self-healing, and if one can be in tune intuition-wise, we
seldom need doctors, as our own internal doctor whispers into
our thought process, what is wrong and how to remedy it
... we just need to be able to listen to it, without being
encumbered by all the worry-producing thoughts about health insurance,
doctor bills, etc.

... your body wants to heal itself, and we just need to relax and
let it happen

... the greatest worry of all, is death, and if you can lose
your fear of that, there really is nothing to worry about

... but if you do, thats what tranquilizers are for ;-)

... we all have to die, so whats the difference if you die
quick, or if you go to the hospital and die a slow prolonged
death... a few short measly years of being poked, prodded, irradiated,
and billed to death

... when I feel down, and wonder if I'm sick or not, I don't worry about doctors
and health insurance

... I lay down and ask my God Krishna, to get me off this stinking
wartorn hell-hole of a planet; and that relieves me of all worry

... and up till now, I've always gotten better, ... no more worries


2011 by zentara