the summer solstice

... time marches on, and we are once again at that point
where the sun has moved to it's highest position
in the northern hemisphere, and from here on out,
the days will start getting shorter, even though
the temperatures are getting hotter

... it reminds me of what a big merry-go-round
this existence on earth actually is, big cycles over
and over again

... there is good news and bad news

... the bad news is Mississippi is overflowing all
along it's way to the ocean

... the good news is that all that river water definitely will
flush out much of the residual contamination from the
BP oil spill

... what really is troubling, is the approaching collapse
of the world's ecosystems, and how helpless we are
to prevent it, when confronted with human greed, population,
and rising expectations

... as a society, we like to keep believing that the
modern rat race way of life is somehow justified, but
deep down inside, I can sense a complete loss of faith
in the American Dream

... and so as the days get shorter, and the nights get longer,
I can sense the coming darkness, and for me it is a great relief

... I am relieved, because the feeling of inferiority for
being left out of the American dream, has been replaced
by a sense of I'm glad for my soul that I was excluded

... it will make it easier for me to get past the Gates of St. Peter,
when that part of the big cycle comes

... the old saying goes, peasants are never afraid to die

... and in this increasingly overpolluted world, I look forward to
checking out, as there seems to be little true happiness left


2011 by zentara