getting back to surviving

... if the fiscally conservative people in government
don't want to spend money, to make jobs for people,
at least they can pass legislation to help the poor

... things like mass education campaigns to encourage
people to grow their own gardens, so that we don't
have to eat shriveled, possibly e-coli infected vegetables
imported from places from where they don't give a damn about
those who eats the crap they grow

... how about getting serious about the tent cities
popping up all over the country ... if there are
no jobs, and no safe decent and clean living conditions in
the cities, people will get out and put up tents

... just a bunch of government financed campgrounds, where
the poor can safely live, would be great. At least the camps
would have proper sanitation and water, instead of people
ducking into the woods and fields to do their business

... how about a small negative income tax, so that even
the poorest citizen can buy some boots and sweatshirts

... I could go on with the list, but it is very clear
that the rising-expectation bubble has popped, and people
know that the good times of the end of the 20th century
is gone

... unlimited growth is over, the money is gone to wars and
greedy corporations, and we may as well get real about it

... having public campgrounds for the poor, will also
help get them off the streets in the cities, where they
interfere with the local businesses by scaring wealthier
customers away

... oh well, at least we still have cake to eat,
even if it is just the discount Twinkies they sell at the
discount Day-Old Bread Stores


2011 by zentara