the new leisure class

... well, it's Monday morning, and I wonder what
all the unemployed out there, like me, are going
to do to pass the day?

... nobody wants to talk seriously about the
unemployment problem

... the media, run by corporations who are making money
hand over fist in this new economy, still come out
with the old propaganda, that don't worry, as
soon as housing picks up
everyone will get back
to work

... building housing for who? The mega-builders only want
to build huge expensive houses, that the average worker
can't even afford ... plus they built so many during
the last boom that we won't need to build any new
houses for 20 years

... how about building little affordable dome homes by the millions,
homes that an average guy can afford

... nobody is talking about the root cause of the problem

... that is, increased manufacturing efficiency, thru
automation, has made the average worker obsolete, compounded
by the effects of overpopulation

... plus, the very few capitalists, who do benefit
from the automation and overseas manufacturing, scream
to high heaven, when asked to help the unemployed
in their home countries, by increasing their taxes,
to share the wealth

... it's a Catch-22, and all the government does is tell
us to go back to school, resulting in Phd's waiting tables,
and lawyers working at 7-11, all with unsurmountable college loan debts

... every year now, we get the same propaganda cycle ... in
the Winter, they say all signs are looking toward a great
recovery in the Spring
, then when Spring comes, they masquerade
the predictable increase in hiring by lawn-care companies and
other seasonal jobs, by touting unemployment has dropped
... only to have everyone laid off again when Spring cleanup is over

... I could go on and on, but I don't want to belabor the point

... simply put, this civilization, as it now stands, cannot employ all
the people that it's policies of constant growth has created

... so what can we do?, how do we turn lemons into lemonade?

... the solution is all a matter of terminology, if you
change the unemployed into the leisure class

... it's like Rome before it's final crumbling before the barbarians

... the throngs of leisure class citizens, looking for entertainment,
are kept constantly amused at the new Collosium, that is sports and Hollywood
... we get fed a constant soothing pablum of make-believe excitement via the television

... back in Rome, to be a popular Senator, you would have your
servants throw money off your balcony, to the crowds of supporters
gathered below ... it's not much different now in the various capitals

... the only problem with the leisure class, is the stigma associated
with being a member of it ... the work-ethic that was driven into
our minds, by the schools and churches of the good old days,
has become a guilt-complex for the permanently unemployed
... they want you to feel unworthy for not working, and especially
for not having any of the precious money they dole out

... I guess you could muse, that being a member of the leisure class, means
you are not actively sucking the life-juices out of the planet, or at least
at a slower rate... possibly helping to reduce global climate change

... Germany tried something along these lines a few years back, where
everyone took turns working, like 6 months on, 6 months off, at a rate
that allowed everyone to get some work every year or so

... but in the meantime, don't worry, all our economic indicators are
pointing to a big upswing in hiring next Spring ... just hang on ;-(


2011 by zentara