communication with space aliens

... I was listening to NPR, where a discussion
was done on what we should say when we first meet
creatures from out of this world

... first, I remember when I was young, I thought
quite highly of myself, and figured it should me,
to be the first to communicate with them

... why? because I have never really sold out, and
figure I would be able to give the aliens the real lowdown
on what to expect from the human race
... rather than just trying to figure out what power
or resources we might get from them, or how we can
convert them all to Jesus ;-)

... as I have grown, and learned the facts of life
about the speed of light limitations of the material world,
I now know they will never get here; and that our electromagnetic
signals will never reach them with any useful information
... information content of signals degrades badly over those distances

... all is not lost, however, and this may sound odd, but we still can communicate
with other lifeforms, thru our conciousnesses

... the primary tenet of Buddhism, is that conciousness is an intrinsic property of the cosmos

... if we can connect with the higher conciousness of the
universe, so, probably can intelligent lifeforms elsewhere
in the cosmos

... so thru higher conciousness, we can communicate with each other

... our conciousness, thoughts and dreams exist in a realm
which is not bound by our physical laws, and they can
transcend the speed of light

... in order to justify the concepts of scientific materialism,
modern brain scientists claim that conciousness and all the mysteries
we experience in our minds, are just artifacts of some yet-unexplainable
bio-chemical process... completely eliminating the soul from the equation

... but I assert that the brain is analagous to a radio-tranceiver for
conciousness, and if properly tuned, is a psychic transceiver

... this is how to communicate with other cosmic creatures,
use your mind

... use this communication channel with caution, as it may result
in you reincarnating on the planet you communicate with

... so start your intergalactic, interdimensional thought training now,
YOU may be the first to make contact


2011 by zentara