the penquin gets the last laugh

... aaaarrrghhh!!! it just makes me want to scream
... all this reporting on the coming CyberWar

... as many intelligent people have been saying for the last
15 years, the Microsoft Windows Operating system is the problem,
not some jeuvenile hacker in Taipei, or some evil foreign intelligence service

... as anyone who uses Linux, or any of the other Unix-like
operating systems, will tell you, it's the very way that Microsoft
designed it's operating system, that is the cause of the problem

... yet, in the name of making computing easy for all the
dimwits who won't or can't be troubled to spend a few weeks learning
how a REAL operating system works, we are laid wide open to attack

... 20 years ago, when all this discussion started, it was so unbelievable
to many educated computer users, that the government, or any major corporation
would use Windows, that the conspiracy theories rose

... the most believable conspiracy, was that secret agencies within our
own government purposely colluded with Microsoft, to make it vulnerable
to their snooping
... it's either that, or the engineers that wrote Microsoft Windows were
complete boobs

... the issue was the computer virus, which Windows has zero protection
against, necessitating anti-virus scanning software, which you
had to buy monthly updates for

... these anti-virus programs would, in the name of your protection,
snoop constantly thru your computer

... how convenient for the secret agencies

... well, whether that conspiracy is true or not, it's too late to say

... but the truth is this: there are operating systems available that are
immune to cyber attacks, but because the idiots who were put into positions
of authority at our institutions, have no clue as to what is, or was, going on,
we are now vulnerable

... end of rant .... it's the fault of the so-called IT-professionals,
who, for whatever reason, chose to use Microsoft Windows for their enterprises

... whether they were ignorant, ordered by higher ups, or just figured it
was the easiest way to get a big paycheck by playing along, the descision
was in their hands... it's their karma

... but lets not make scapegoats out of foreigners, to deflect blame from
the truly guilty

... and just think, they are still teaching Windows to kids in schools


2011 by zentara