the heat is on

... whew, it isn't even summer yet, and it is hot,
it's been high 90's for several weeks, and hit 105 here

... thanks to the la nina out in the central pacific,
that is pumping hot dry air right thru the southwest,
burning Arizona as it goes, and giving us drought
conditions here in S. Georgia

... but, it's not all bad

... it's a dry heat as they like to say about
the California climate :-)

... it also helps suppress the weeds and bugs, as everything
is so dry, nothing lives without precise application of water

... drip irrigation systems are doing great in this heat

... but the big farmers are hurting, and they matter, because
they feed the masses of people in the burgeoning cities

... with some of the highest commodity prices in years, the
big farmers need to be able to cash in, but with no water,
there is nothing that they can do

... I remember a CBS television mini-series about 25 years ago,
called The Fire Next Time , which was a warning about
the effects of climate change, and how it eventually caused
the complete desertification of the south, forcing people
to scramble up into Canada, on refugee barges towed up the
Mississippi River

... the strange weather patterns of the last few years, due to
the jet stream's slide to the south, have had the effect of
preventing big hurricanes from forming, and the consequent
deluge of rain the south used to get once a year, filling resevoirs
and recharging underground aquafers

... so now, even though I've been trained to fear them,
I sit and pray, for hurricanes to come

... I feel sorry for the people on the coast, who have to
bear the brunt of the storms, but we need the water

... water, cool clear water, just dumping from the sky, as
if poured out of huge buckets

... the need for water trumps the need to protect coastal properties

... with the coming 9 billion people on this planet, water
will become the new gold


2011 by zentara